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The Advisor Portal is a rich collection of insurance resources and intellectual capital that can help you propose a plan for your clients or discuss in-depth life insurance matters. Review and download your favorites now.

Preparing for Tomorrow: A Report on Family Wealth Transfer

In 2015 we embarked on a journey with Wealth-X to discover just how much wealth the world could anticipate passing from generation to generation in the coming years. Our findings revealed that a staggering US$4 trillion will be transferred in the next decade, and almost US$30 trillion will be transferred over the next 30 years. Learn more about the findings of this research and the planning opportunities it affords.

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Planning Under Legislative Uncertainty

Tax reform is looming, and it’s very tempting to wait and see what those changes will be and how they’ll impact our lives. But waiting in a state of suspended animation until we have certainty isn’t the wisest course. It makes us think that certainty will be lasting certainty. And it gives the impression that we engage in estate planning to avoid taxes. But the reality is that, most of the time, estate planning is done for non-tax reasons. Here are 10 such reasons to continue to engage in estate planning regardless of what happens in Washington.

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